How to Become a Pinterest VA

Working as a Pinterest VA is a virtual assistant niche with so much potential. If you enjoy social media and want to have the freedom to work remotely from anywhere, becoming a Pinterest VA can be the perfect career for you. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to live the flexible life you are dreaming of.

How to become a Pinterest VA

When you are working as a virtual assistant an important thing to remember is that you can’t be everything to everybody. When you are pitching clients, you really have to narrow it down. Working as a Pinterest VA today is a specialized niche that gives you a competitive advantage over other virtual assistants.

From my own experience as a VA I find working as a Pinterest virtual assistant is a great online business to start and one of the most exciting VA niches where you can deliver fast results for your new client.

In this article, you will learn how to niche down as a virtual assistant and become a Pinterest expert by offering Pinterest management services.

Why You Should Become a Pinterest VA

That’s a goldmine, whether you’re selling products or services. This means more and more business owners and entrepreneurs decide to use Pinterest marketing for their business. The social platform offers traffic for so little money and effort and an opportunity to create a passive income. Not making the most out of it means leaving money on the table. 

Pinterest VA

Are Virtual Assistants in High Demand?

There’s definitely a high demand for Pinterest virtual assistants. Most businesses would benefit from having a Pinterest presence, but the main downside is that it can be a complex platform.

Pinning can become very time-consuming, especially for a solopreneur who is working on building a business from zero. You have to stay up to date with all the changes in the algorithm and be consistently active to be able to succeed.

Also, you have to be creative and have an eye for design to be able to create eye-catching engaging pins. This means many business owners are willing to look for a Pinterest service and hire a Pinterest VA. Some have already joined the platform and are looking for help to grow and manage their Pinterest account and others aren’t yet on the platform, but realize they need to be.

In either way, a Pinterest manager can help with their Pinterest VA Service – they can take over and audit a client’s account for growth or help them to start a new account from zero.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

So, what does a Pinterest VA do? Well, it depends on what kind of client you have and what he or she needs help with. Your role is generally to operate as a Pinterest manager and Pinterest strategist for your clients.

Your client can, for example, be a blogger, business owner, entrepreneur, or other creatives. Their goals are most often to grow their following and lead more traffic to their website to make their brand more recognized and make more sales.

You can offer different Pinterest virtual assistant packages for your customers to choose from based on the level of help they want.

Some Pinterest VA services you can offer are everything from setting up a Pinterest business account to planning a Pinterest strategy, doing keyword research, planning, creating, and scheduling content on the platform to creating promoted pins, affiliate marketing pins and reviewing Pinterest analytics.

Creating Pin Images

Pin design and creating beautiful and engaging pins is a kind of an art-form and one of the Pinterest skills you have to manage when you want to become a Pinterest VA and deliver great results for your clients.

A viral pin has to have the right size, a beautiful pairing of fonts, an attention-grabbing title, enough white space to make it easy to read, and a background image that catches the eye. Canva is a great free tool you can use to create beautiful pin images. I love to use Canva Pro to be able to have access to even more stock photos and fonts.

There are a lot of things to think about when creating a good pin, so this is for sure something your client might need help with.

Even if your client only post one blog post per week on their website, your mission can be to create multiple pins for one post. You never know what is going to resonate with your clients’ audience so this is an amazing strategy to drive more traffic to your client’s website.

Writing Pin Descriptions

Knowing how to do keyword research on Pinterest is important to be able to write SEO-friendly pin descriptions and board descriptions. This will help your pins and boards to show up in more search results. And that is really important because Pinterest works as a search engine where content becomes evergreen.

As a Pinterest manager, it will be your job to write a good keyword-optimized description for every pin and every board that goes on your client’s account.

Schedule Pins in a Scheduling Tool

Pinning manually for your clients would not be a very productive use of your time. 

Personally, I love scheduling pins with the amazing scheduling tool Tailwind, both within my own business and for my clients. It makes the work so much easier and if you’re batching the tasks it will save you a lot of time.

Apply to Group Boards

Being a member of different group boards is a great way to get your pins exposed in front of more potential customers.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, another of your tasks can be to search for relevant boards for your client, applying to be a member of these boards and keeping yourself updated with the rules of the boards. 

Using a group board means your pins will be visible to not only your followers but also to followers of that board. 

Account Audit

Businesses who try to grow their Pinterest account on their own often make a mess of their Pinterest profile.

They have good intentions, but because they’re too busy with other business tasks, they don’t have the time to learn how to properly use the platform. Their profile needs an audit to be fully optimized for success.

Account audits help get a profile back on track and positioned to receive more views, saves, and clicks.

How do I Become a Virtual Assistant on Pinterest?

Now you might be wondering how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. All it takes to do work as a Pinterest VA is to have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection. 

You have to learn how to do the Pinterest VA services you want to offer. You should also enjoy the platform and have a marketing and growth mindset. Further, you need to know how to set up your business, how to pitch and land clients, and how to work with clients.

I had no prior experience as a virtual assistant when I started my Pinterest VA business. But still, my small business grew very quickly so I decided to leave my corporate job to work as a full-time VA.

There are many amazing online courses out there on the internet if you would like to learn how to become an expert on Pinterest.

An amazing Pinterest course to start with is Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbel. This course helped me to get a deeper understanding of the platform and I learned so many amazing strategies on how to grow a Pinterest account from scratch with manual pinning. I saw my traffic skyrocket after taking this course and I’ve created many viral pins using the strategies from this course.

If you don’t have any experience as a virtual assistant I recommend starting out with a VA course. A great way to learn the basics is to become a member of the Fully Booked VA System. It’s a fantastic membership area created by Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook. The membership includes a Virtual Assistant course as well as five courses for you to choose from if you want to niche down further. I really recommend taking the Social Media course in here if you want to learn everything about the social media niche for VAs.

I also recommend taking a Pinterest VA course. There are many great ones to choose from.

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Pinterest Virtual Assistant Salary

Now you might wonder, how much does a Pinterest VA make? Well, it depends on a few different factors like your level of expertise, services offered, the number of clients you’re working with etc.

Most Pinterest virtual assistants start at around $15 per hour and can easily charge $30 to $50 per hour, or more, over time.

Generally, you can make anywhere between $50-$100+ per hour or via monthly packages that cost from $300-$1,200 per month.

Where to find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs

Starting a Pinterest VA business means you will be self-employed, so finding and pitching clients should be high on your priority list. Fortunately, I am able to rely on word of mouth for almost all my clients. I did very little pitching in the beginning and only sent out a few pitches to businesses that I really wanted to partner with.

Other ways to find potential clients and a Pinterest virtual assistant job are looking on these websites that are excellent resources for beginner virtual assistants.


After reading this guide, I hope you’re excited about the possibilities the work as Pinterest VA can bring. If you want to learn a new skill and earn some extra cash while having the flexibility to work remotely, you’ll definitely want to consider this career.

Do you have any questions about starting a Pinterest Virtual assistant business? Leave your questions in the comments below!

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