Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets – How to skyrocket your growth

In this post, we’re going to share with you our Pinterest SEO traffic secrets and how we grew our Pinterest account from 0 to 200 000 views in six months and to 300 000 in about one year.

If you’re an entrepreneur, online business owner, or a blogger looking to drive massive traffic and potential customers to your site or maybe to your YouTube channel or an E-commerce store – then Pinterest is truly amazing.

When I first started my blogging career, I thought that Pinterest would be a challenge for me to master. I knew almost nothing about it and it seemed overwhelming.

Pinterest is a social media channel but also a large search engine with a large number of active users (442 million monthly active users worldwide as of the third quarter of 2020)

When I realized this and the benefits it could bring to my business I wanted to know more and I wanted to learn how to master Pinterest marketing to attract dream customers to my blog.

In this post, I’ll show you a step-by-step tutorial on how I grew my Pinterest account from 0 to over 300 000 views per month that can help you to succeed on Pinterest too. If you want to learn what Pinterest SEO is, why it is important, and how to optimize your pins and website content for increased free Pinterest traffic to your blog or website, then keep on reading.

What is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Just as Google SEO, Pinterest SEO is a form of search engine optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine will show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. 

The benefit of Pinterest SEO, as compared to Google SEO is that, while it most often takes Google several months to rank your content in the search results and drive organic traffic to your site. On Pinterest, you can get free traffic to your website from day one.

Also, the benefit of using a Pinterest business account compared to other social media platforms like Facebook is that Facebook made it harder for businesses to get traffic to their websites. They changed their algorithm in 2017 and it killed the Facebook engagement significantly on business pages that used to drive traffic to their websites.

To learn our Pinterest SEO traffic secrets, you need to understand the basic principles of Pinterest SEO for your content to become visible on Pinterest.

We’ll go over the basics as well as deeper into specific Pinterest SEO secrets that will help you increase your visibility and increase click-through rates to your website.

Establish Profile Authority

The first step to improving your Pinterest SEO is to improve your Pinterest profile quality and authority.

There are some things that need to be done within Pinterest to get your account verified to establish higher authority.

Convert to a business account

If you don’t already have a business Pinterest account, you need to convert your account right now! It’s super simple and will only take you a few seconds.

Verify your domain

Once you have a business account, you need to claim your domain so that Pinterest knows that you are the owner of your site. To do this, you need to add a small piece of code to your website. So if you don’t know how to access the <head> of your site, you can do this with a plugin or you might need to contact your website host.

Rich Pins

If you want to be taken seriously with your Pinterest marketing strategy, then you need to get approved for ‘rich pins’.

When you get approved for rich pins your pins will have a bold title attached to them instead of just the pin description. This will make your pins more clickable. So I highly recommend you go get approved for rich pins ASAP.

Optimizing Your Profile Bio

Optimizing your Pinterest profile for SEO is really important to tell the Pinterest algorithm and your audience what your content is about. Including keywords in your name field is a great move to increase your visibility in search results for your most important keyword.

You should also have a keyword-optimized description in your profile bio where you describe what services or products you offer, who you help, and how this will bring value to your potential followers or customers.

Niche-specific and keyword optimized boards

When you have optimized your Pinterest profile for SEO, the next step is to create SEO optimized Pinterest boards. The boards should be relevant to your niche and they need to be well keyword optimized. This will help to rank your pins so they get more visibility.

Finding Keywords

To finding relevant keywords you can use the search field and check out the bubbles with keywords that appear below your search. Unfortunately, this feature recently has disappeared for some accounts. 

Pinterest keywords for seo

Another great Pinterest tip to find relevant keywords is to look further down in your search feed. Bubbles with similar keywords people are searching for should hide in the feed.

Related keywords Pinterest traffic seo

Board titles

Create titles for your boards using keywords you discovered during your keyword research. Create a few different boards that are relevant to your niche and your content. 

Board Descriptions

Each of your boards needs a board description that explains what your boards are about. Use the available 500 characters and fill the description with as many related keywords as you can.

You should clearly explain what type of content your audience can expect from you on this board and how it will create value for them. Using a clear description will increase the chances for people to follow you and your boards as well as telling Pinterest what your content is about and what keywords you would like your pins to rank for.

Pins on your boards

Before you save any of your own pins to your boards, fill the boards with at least 15 popular pins in your niche. This strategy will help you to get more eyes on your board and learn Pinterest what keywords the board and its pins should rank for. 

It’s beneficial to have a couple of popular pins in your boards with at least over 1000 re-shares. This will help Pinterest further to understand the content and the quality of your boards.

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Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Creating visually appealing high-quality pins is one of the most important goals of using Pinterest and the key element to get people to click through pins to your website. 

So, what are the best Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets to increase blog traffic with pins and to get new Pinterest followers?

Visually Appealing Pin Design

Pinterest is a visual search engine and Pinterest users love to click and save visually appealing pins. Your pins should be click-worthy and immediately grab your target audience’s attention. This can be made by creating pins that look aesthetically pleasing and professional. You should also think about what colors and fonts your target audience might like. 

Canva is a great free tool you can use to create beautiful and professional pins that stand out. Personally, I use Canva Pro which makes me able to use all the beautiful fonts and images at a really affordable monthly price.

Ideal Pin Size

The ideal Pinterest image size is 1000 x 1500px and has an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Actually, there are many pins on Pinterest with an aspect ratio of 1:2. These pins are also accepted and in fact, they could potentially increase your visibility as they take up more space in the user’s feed. The best way to get to know what performs best is to experiment and try different sizes for your pins.

Text On Your Pins

Another important Pinterest strategy to get maximum clicks to your website is to use text on your images. Your headlines should grab attention and spark curiosity to see more. It should also contain keywords and summarize what your blog post or product is about. 

Remember to use a large font size and a font that is easy to read.

Using the right pictures

Pinterest is using visual analysis of your pictures and the objects you use in your pin design. So, if your content is about “How to gain traffic to your blog” it helps to use a picture of a computer on your pin. Be creative with your pin design, but don’t use irrelevant pictures.

I highly recommend you to check out Styled Stock Society for beautiful feminine and unique stock photos. They also have beautiful Pinterest Templates, Instagram templates and other great materials for your business needs.

Create Multiple Fresh Pins For Each Blog Post

Pinterest nowadays prefers fresh pins instead of repurposing old pins. Also, your readers will be attracted by different pin designs and headlines. Therefore you should create multiple pin designs for each blog post. This will increase your chances to be seen on the platform. Try experimenting with colors, different fonts, and images. We recommend creating at least four different pin designs for one blog post. 

Optimizing your pins for Pinterest SEO

To make your pins optimized for Pinterest SEO, you need an attention-grabbing pin title, an informative pin description, and a few hashtags. You also need to choose appropriate boards when you save your pins.

Pin title

Include keywords in your pin title and make the reader curious to know more. Your pin title doesn’t have to be the same as the text on your pin image. It can be beneficial to use other keywords to increase your reach. Use the maximum character count that is available. 

Pin description

When you create a new pin, you need to search for relevant keywords. Include as many relevant keywords as you can find, but make sure that the description sounds natural. Your description can include a question to grab your reader’s attention. Explain how you can answer this question and what information your reader will find when they click on your pin. Always include a call to action and some keyworded hashtags.

Call to action

Adding a call to action on your pin images and in your descriptions is another great Pinterest hack to make your reader do what you want them to do for example: “head to mywebsite.com for more x tips”


Hashtags are another way to tell Pinterest what keywords you want your pin to rank for and make it easier for your readers to find your post. On Instagram, the recommended amount of hashtags is 30 but on Pinterest, you should use between 3-5 in your pin description. Choose keywords you found when you did your keyword research.

Optimizing your destination page for Pinterest SEO

This is a step many pinners forget. You should optimize the destination page that your reader will come to when clicking through your pin, not only for Google SEO but also for Pinterest SEO. 

So, how to optimize your blog post for Pinterest SEO? 

  • Include your primary Pinterest keyword into your blog post title.
  • Add your primary Pinterest keywords and other related important keywords in one of the first paragraphs of your blog post.
  • Include Pinterest keywords a few times throughout your blog post.

A great free tool to help with your webpage SEO is Yoast SEO for WordPress. This tool also helps to improve readability to provide a better user experience.

Now you might wonder how long does it take to get traffic from Pinterest? In general, a pin can gain traction in as little as two days, although 30-90 days is more typical. But no matter how long it takes, Pinterest is an evergreen platform where you’ll continue to see traffic from your content over the long term.

Saving your pins to boards

When it is time to save your pin to your boards there are some things you should consider to improve your Pinterest SEO.

Save each pin to the most relevant board first 

Choosing the most relevant board fist for each pin makes it easier for Pinterest to understand the nature of your pin. The most relevant Pinterest board is the one that best matches your pin title and pin description. Ideally, the board title keyword should be picked up in the pin title as well. 

Save your pin to other relevant boards

After you published your pin to the most relevant board, you can pin the same pin to some more boards. We don’t recommend pinning the same pin to more than 10 boards though as Pinterest primarily prefer “fresh pins”.

Leave at least 5-7 days between pinning the same pin to different boards to avoid getting flagged as spam. 

A great idea to save time and don’t become messy when repinning multiple pins is to use a scheduling tool. The tool we recommend using is Tailwind. Tailwind makes your repinning process so much more organized. 


Tailwind is definitely the number one best tip on how to increase blog traffic. Getting fast results on Pinterest is not easy without Tailwind. 

Tailwind offers a 1-month free trial.  We saw immediate results after the first week of use and decided to buy a subscription. Tailwind has helped us to both get blog traffic and grow our Pinterest account in ways that wouldn’t be achievable with manual pinning.

Consistent Pinning

There is no magic number of how many pins per day you should share but the number many experts suggest is 10-30 pins per day. 

You have to try out what is working best for you. One thing we know for sure is that Pinterest favors consistency and new fresh pins. You should also be focusing on sharing your own pins more than resharing others’ pins.

I always recommend sharing at least 70-80% your own pins and maximum 20-30% others’ pins of your total amount.

Again, Tailwind is the way to do keep up with the consistency. Pinning 10-30 pins per day manually is simply not possible for most people. 

Tailwind handles the time-consuming pinning for us, so we can spend our time more effectively doing other important tasks.

Tailwind Tribes

Another great benefit of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes. This is another great tool to drive traffic to your webpage. Tribes work like communities and are similar to Pinterest group boards. You can search for tribes within your niche and join them to share and re-share pins. You can also start your own tribe if you can’t find any suitable tribe within your niche. 

Tribes make it easier for you to find popular pins to repin to your boards as sharing numbers show on every pin in the tribes.

You will also get the chance for your pins to get reshared by large Pinterest accounts, which really can increase your impressions and clicks.

Our best performing and viral pin until today is a pin that was re-pinned in a Tribe by a larger Pinterest account. 

Within the free trial period, you will be offered to schedule 100 pins with the Tailwind scheduling tool and you can join 5 Tailwind tribes for free. This is a great way to start out and boost your account. Try it out and be amazed by the results for yourself.

Pinterest Course

After taking the Pinterest marketing course Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell my Pinterest account really took off. The Pinterest traffic secrets Carly learns out in her course are some really useful strategies that I haven’t found elsewhere (and I’ve taken many different Pinterest courses). Carly is truly a Pinterest expert and knows what she’s talking about. Her Pinterest account “Mommy On Purpose” has over 10 million monthly unique views.


Checking your Pinterest stats in the analytics section is a great way to keep track of how your pins are performing. For even more in-depth information, I love to use Tailwind. In there you can find which of your boards are performing best and so much more.


Now we want to hear what you think! We hope you found this information helpful so you can skyrocket your Pinterest results and create many viral pins! Using Pinterest marketing has really helped to grow our website traffic.

What are your best Pinterest SEO traffic secrets? Let us know in the comments below!

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