Get More Clicks on Your Instagram Link in Bio

Instagram link in bio is really useful to drive traffic to your site.

How to get more clicks on your Instagram link in bio

Instagram link in bio

The “link in bio” means the clickable URL appearing in your Instagram bio profile description. This link should provide information about your business and your products. It typically contains the link to the website or business page on Instagram and contacts to get in touch with your company.

Want to know how drive traffic from your Instagram and make more clicks on your link in bio? Keep on reading.

Create high quality content

Quality over quantity always. Keep delivering valuable content that help your target audience to solve their problems. Your content is a lead magnet. Make sure to give away lots of high-quality content for free. This builds your trust, know- and like factor.

Engage with your audience

Leave valuable and thoughtful comments to make your audience more curious about you. This will also make them more likely to head over to your profile and click the link in your bio.

Have a clear call to action in your posts

Your audience will go where you lead them to go. Have your business goals in mind when you include a call to action in your caption. Be clear and specific on your social media CTAs. If you are trying to increase your website traffic, lead them to your website, if you are trying to build your e-mail list ask them to sign up for your newsletter I exchange for a freebie. Remember to write your CTAs like you talk to not sound inauthentic or salsesy.

Don’t give away everything

Share a hook and deliver enough value to sparkle curiosity but leave the most juicy bits to your site. Let your audience be rewarded for heading over to your site.

Have an attractive Instagram bio

Another ninja tip to skyrocket your website traffic from Instagram is to have an attractive Instagram bio that grabs attention. Read more about how to do this in our blog post about this topic HERE.

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    Track your clicks from Instagram link in bio

    Bonus tip. Track your clicks to know better where they came from and spot how many came from your Instagram link in bio.

    I use Google Analytics to track where my visitors opted in from.

    Linktree has become a popular link in bio service to be able to add more than one link in your bio. But they only share conversion info with your website if you pay for their pro version.

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    What are your best tips to get more clicks on your Instagram link in bio?

    How to get more clicks on your Instagram link in bio and drive traffic to your website.
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