How to Become a Pinterest Manager The Ultimate Guide

Would you like to start your own business and be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world? Then you should look into how to become a Pinterest Manager.

In this article, I’m sharing the exact steps you need to follow if you’re wondering how to become a Pinterest manager, just like me. And the best part is that you don’t need any previous experience.

how to become a pinterest manager

What is a Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager helps businesses and business owners to promote their content, products, and services through the Pinterest platform and creating Pinterest ads to find potential clients.

How Much Does a Pinterest Manager Make?

How much a Pinterest Manager can make as a business owner varies depending on your rate as a professional and the experience you have. 

I highly recommend you to check out your competitors and see how they price their services.  As a rule of thumb, most beginners start at $15 to $20 per hour but the rates for a more experienced Pinterest Manager range around $50 per hour or more.

Over time, you can make anywhere between $50-$100+ per hour or via monthly packages that cost from $300-$1,200 per month.

How to Become a Pinterest Manager

So now you might wonder, how to become a Pinterest manager?

These are the exact steps I recommend you take to become a successful Pinterest VA.

Take an Online Course  

Taking a Pinterest VA course online will help with all the necessities around starting and running your own VA business. 

I highly recommend The Fully Booked VA System. This is a virtual assistant course and membership with support combined and it’s founded by Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook. You will get 5 courses and an amazing membership area with pro support as well as many high-quality leads you’re free to pitch.

Personally, I worked as a general VA before I niched down and became a Pinterest virtual assistant.

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Learn About Pinterest

Before niching down into a Pinterest Manager I took the course Pinteresting Strategies from Carly Campbel. 

Carly is the founder of the blog Mommyonpurpose and the Pinterest guru number one out there. I can’t recommend her Pinterest course enough. This course has taught me so much about Pinterest management, how to become a successful Pinterest Manager, how to use Pinterest analytics, and how to create click-worthy pins on autopilot.

You can also find a lot of great free resources on YouTube and blogs but if you are like me (a busy stay-at-home mom) and want a structured step-by-step system to save both time (and some headache!), an online course is definitely the way to go.

Learn About Tailwind

Tailwind is an awesome scheduling tool you can use for Pinterest so you can pre-schedule all of your client’s pins. This will make your life as a Pinterest manager so much easier. On the Tailwind platform, there are training videos you can watch once you sign up.

Learn About Canva

These are some different tools you can use to design beautiful and click-worthy pins. I prefer to use Canva as it is so easy and has everything I need in my business. 

Personally, I use Canva Pro to get access to more fonts, more stock photos, and some other great functions, but there is also a free version that works just fine.

There are many free Youtube videos if you want to learn more about Canva.

Launch a Website and Establish an Online Presence

Having your own website is not a must but will make it easier for you to establish an online presence and market your business. It will show your potential client that you are a professional brand. Social media is another great way to use for your business marketing.

Your website and brand don’t have to be perfect in the beginning. Just create something simple and don’t overcomplicate it. You can come back and adjust it over time. 

Practice Your New Skills

Now you need to test your new skills to prove yourself to potential clients and to become a real Pinterest expert. Clients want to see results so I highly recommend starting building your own Pinterest account. To get an image of your business, potential clients will definitely check out your business account to see what you can do.

I also highly recommend taking on a free trial client in exchange for a testimonial to start out and build your portfolio to show future clients. 

This will not only build authority and trust but you will also learn new things along the way that you can use when you start working with future clients. I suggest trialing a client for at least a month before you begin charging for your services to be able to deliver some great results. 

Start Pitching Potential Clients

Finding new clients can be one of the most challenging parts of the work as a Pinterest account manager, especially in the beginning. First, you need to figure out what kind of market and types of businesses you are interested in as well as who your ideal client is.

Reach out to friends and family telling them about your new business.

In the beginning, you probably will need to rely on cold pitching until you reach the point where you are consistently getting new clients. Cold pitching is a great way to start landing clients quickly. Cold Email potential clients that you think would be a great fit. 

Begin building a relationship with potential clients. This process will take time and effort. Be active in Facebook groups, on Linkedin, and on Instagram. Create daily Instagram stories and write relevant and SEO-optimized blog posts. Make sure to market your blog posts on Pinterest. Providing value and offering lots of advice is key to attract new clients.

In the Fully Booked VA System, you will have the opportunity to pitch and land new clients. Many businesses are interested in hiring people who took the course. In the community, you can also find pitching templates and other helpful tips you can use to land even more clients.

Be patient in the beginning and spend a lot of your working time pitching new clients and researching potential new leads. 

Deliver Great Results

Pinterest marketing is a forever changing process and there are often a lot of updated and new features on the platform. Make sure to stay up to date with your Pinterest service and keep learning so you can deliver the best results for your clients. 

Making your existing clients happy with great results and amazing customer service is crucial when you want to become a successful Pinterest manager.

When you have signed up your first client, make sure to over-deliver to make a great first impression.

If your clients are happy with your work the word of mouth will spread and you will never have problems finding new clients.

Ask your clients continuously about feedback and if there is anything you can improve. Testimonials can be great in your marketing so ask your best clients if you can use them as referrals. 

I hope you found these tips helpful if you’re wondering how to become a Pinterest manager. 

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