Email for Collaboration to Successfully Land Brand Sponsorships

When brand collaborations are done right, they can be beneficial for both the brand and the influencer/blogger. For the brand, it means getting exposure and new customers to their brand. For the influencer, it can mean landing a lucrative contract that will help them grow their following and/or make a great income. But, what do you need to know before approaching a brand for collaboration and how do you write an email for collaboration?

In this blog post, we will share our brand collaboration email sample, so you will know exactly what to include in your brand pitch email.

This blog post also includes the most important steps for approaching a brand for collaboration and how to send your brand pitch emails.

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How do you approach a brand for collaboration?

Now you might be wondering how to pitch yourself to brands and how do you write a collaboration email?

Preparation before reaching out

  1. Make them aware of your existence

Follow the brand on social media (they will check). Engage with their posts on Instagram.

Brands will more likely agree to work with you if they see that you are already a customer, or have the potential to purchase their product.

If you own a product from the brand, post content organically in your Instagram feed and on stories and tag the brand. Tell your followers why you love this product. This organic content will showcase your dedication to the brand, making you appeal as the ideal collaboration partner.

If you don’t own anything from the brand, consider sharing a story or a post from the brand in your stories and tag them. Comment on their posts and stories and don’t be a friend to send them a little love in their DMs.

2. Create a unique brand identity

To increase your chances of getting noticed you should create a unique brand identity. It’s important to have a cohesive and clear branding. Building your content theme and personality around a specific niche shows authority. Be consistent with your posting scheme and brand your posts.

3. Does your personal brand matching the brand’s vibe?

When you pitch yourself to a brand, they will evaluate you to see if it makes sense to work with you. Ask yourself, does your personal brand match the brand’s vibe? Take a look and compare your aesthetic, your style, and your values to the brand you are pitching. Are they aligned? The brands you approach for collaboration should feel like they’re seamlessly fitting into your style on social media.

It’s especially important to be aligned if you are a micro-influencer because it will give you a competitive edge and make you appeal more interesting to the brand. But, don’t try to completely change everything about yourself, your brand, or your content to fit every brand that you’re pitching. It’s important to be yourself and be authentic.

If you need a little help with how to make your Instagram profile stand out, check out my DIY Instagram audit checklist.

4. Have your media kit prepared

Act like a real pro and have your media kit ready when you reach out to a brand. A media kit is essentially your digital influencer CV that you will include in your email pitch.

5. Find the brand’s PR contact

On the brand’s website try to find their Contact page. Here, you will most often find their Customer Service email (“hello@___.com” or “info@____.com”). Before you send an email to their customer service email, try finding their PR (Public Relations) email address first.

Because the influencer industry has really evolved in the past years, some brands make it obvious for you to find their PR email address. Some popular brands receive so many emails for collaboration every day and don’t want to have those emails mixed in the same inbox as the general customer service emails.

Look for words such as pr, public relations, partnerships or collaborations, on their contact page.

Emailing brands directly on Instagram can also be an alternative to get in contact with brands.

However, the person who runs a brand’s social media accounts isn’t always responsible for influencer collaborations. Your message might not be responded to because you aren’t reaching out to the right person. If you don’t get an answer, try another contact way or follow up and try asking for the responsible contact on PR.

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Email for collaboration what to think about

  1. Keep your email for collaboration short and clear

PR people receive many influencer inquiries daily so make sure your email is straight to the point and easy to understand.

2. Don’t make the brand do the research about you

Don’t make the brand have a hard time finding information about you. Clearly include links to your social media platforms, your media kit, and any other information you want them to know about

3. Be professional but show your personality

You are not only an influencer, you are also a business owner. This means you have to be professional. But, this doesn’t mean you have to act cold and formal. Actually, mixing in your personality and your unique tone of voice, is really important. It helps the brand understand who you are, and it can make you stand out from other influencers. Make sure to show them what you have to offer in a few sentences, including that unique tone of voice of yours.

4. Make each email for collaboration unique

It is important to customize each email pitch because it shows genuine interest in the specific brand you’re reaching out to. You need to learn how you should position yourself. A lazy copy and paste email will be seen as unprofessional and you won’t stand out among the rest.

This is why you need to make some research about a brand before reaching out to them. Who is their target audience, what are they interested in? What are the brand’s key values and goals?

Once you figure out what you have in common in your messaging and goals or where you can add value to their brand, mention that in your email pitch. Also, tell the brand why you love their products (if you have used them) or what your audience loves and engages with.

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Email for collaboration sample

So, now you might wonder how do you write a brand collaboration email and what to include in your brand pitch email.

There are so many ways you can format a brand collaboration email. I get tons of requests to share my exact formula, so that’s what I’m going to do right now.

This is a brand collaboration email sample I’ve used a lot for myself and my clients and it works really well:

  1. Introduce yourself (Identify yourself and your brand, briefly state what you do.)
  2. Include a relevant achievement of yours to catch the brand’s attention and stand out
  3. Explain in a short way what you want (be specific)
  4. Try to pin point why working together makes sense (include the brand’s values and goals, and explain how you could benefit them) A hot tip is to go check the brand’s website and read their *About Me* page. Then, try to find their brand goals and values to use in your pitch.
  5. Directly link your social media accounts, LinkedIn and Media Kit
  6. Ask an open ended question (not a yes/no question) This invites the brand to engage in your conversation and to build a relationship
  7. Formal and professional closing

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I hope this email for collaboration sample helped you on how to pitch to brands as an influencer or blogger.

Trust yourself and your ideas.

When faced with fear or rejection, don’t let it stop you from actively pursuing new opportunities. And remember, even if you don’t land a partnership this time, it doesn’t mean you won’t work with them in the future!

You got this girl!

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