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How to Change Font in Instagram Bio

A perfect way to style your Instagram in a unique way and to stand out among others is to change font in your Instagram bio.

If you want to know how to get different font for free on Instagram keep on reading.

How to change font in your Instagram bio

Instagram bio ideas

The Instagram bio is a section under your username where people come to learn more about you. Here are some Instagram bio ideas that you really should consider to use to accelerate your Instagram growth.

To make your followers or customers understand what your page is about, it’s essential to have an informative Instagram bio that describes you and/or your company and products.

A way to make your page more visible to your targeted niche audience and gain visitors to your page is to have a description of what you are or what you do in the your name title. This way you will show up in the search results when someone is searching for like in my case Instagram expert.

Different Font Instagram Bio

You should also have a clear “call to action” in your bio section. What do you want the visitor to do? Follow you? Head over to your blog? Buy your special offer? Prescribe to your Youtube channel? Your message should be clear in your Instagram bio.

Moreover, it’s a very good idea is to add the URL link to your shop, blog, Youtube channel or another website you want people to visit.

Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram Highlight Icons are another cool way to style your Instagram bio and to highlight important stories on your profile.

Check out our Instagram Bundles with Highlight Icons & Templates if you would like to make your Instagram profile look even more unique and professional.

Instagram Highlight Icons Pink

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    How to change font in Instagram bio

    There are a few different websites where you can change text to different fonts for your Instagram bio or other social media profiles.

    I’ve been using this free font generator for my Instagram bio font style. It’s that simple as typing in a text and it will be displayed in different fonts. The fonts are ready to be copied and pasted into your Instagram bio, caption or comments.

    The tool will come up with a list of fonts that can be used in Instagram, showing you how your text would look like. Some fonts are pretty simple, while some use emojis and symbols and others are almost impossible to read.

    Instagram Font Generator

    Once you have copied your chosen font, go to your Instagram profile and click “Edit Profile”. Paste your new text into the “Name” field or into the “Bio” section.

    Personally, I love the cursive bold letters and have used that for my Instagram bio. But there are so many beautiful fonts to choose from.

    Go have a look at how the cursive font looks on my Instagram bio.

    Different Font Instagram Bio

    If you’d prefer a wider selection of fonts, check out the iOS app Fonts – for Instagram

    Text Symbols

    If you want to add something more different and fun to your text you can check out this webpage. Here you can add some cool symbols to your text.

    There are so many symbols to choose from; hearts, flowers, stars, crowns and much more.

    Test symbols

    These tips definitely make your Instagram account stand out and get noticed. This will accelerate your Instagram growth and in the end generate more leads.

    Please share your result in the comments if you change your Instagram bio font or style up your Instagram bio with highlight covers.

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