Brand Ambassador Instagram: How to Get Sponsored and Collaborate with Brands

How do you become a brand ambassador on Instagram in 2021? The competitive landscape of Instagram is growing and it’s more difficult than ever to break through the noise.

You might be wondering what brand ambassadors are and how do you become one. A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand on Instagram, helping to build brand awareness through their social media presence. As an ambassador, you’ll get sponsored by the brand in return for your promotion – this sponsorship could take the form of free products or compensation for posts.

Brands are starting to understand that influencers are more than just someone with influence – they are amazing content creators, storytellers, videographers – and these skills are really useful for partnerships.

Many brands are looking for ambassadors on Instagram right now; if you want to find out more about becoming a brand ambassador on Instagram and being sponsored, then read more below!

What is a brand ambassador?

What does a brand ambassador do on Instagram?

A brand ambassador is a social media influencer that promotes a brand on Instagram for a company. The brand ambassador gets sponsored by the brand in return, which could take the form of free products or compensation to promote posts.

Many brands are looking for ambassadors right now – if this is something you’re interested in, read below to find out how!

How much does a brand ambassador make on Instagram?

The average salary of a brand ambassador ranges from $20,000 to $58,000 a year with an average of $17.00 an hour.

Every company handles its brand ambassadors differently. Some ambassadors are paid hourly, while others are paid via commission or per work.

Run your Instagram handle through this free Instagram Influencer Money Calculator to see how much your earning potential is.

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Now you might be wondering how to become a brand ambassador on Instagram!

Successful brand ambassadors don’t just come out of nowhere. A lot of hard work and practice is required, and it means devoting a substantial chunk of your time to be the face of the company you’re representing.

Being a brand ambassador on Instagram means you could be getting paid for your Instagram posts. Unique content, niche products, and an enthusiastic personality are the key ways to become a successful brand ambassador. 

How to become a brand ambassador on Instagram

Here are some steps to follow on how to become an ambassador for a brand:

  • Create A Unique Brand Identity

The most successful and appealing influencers are the ones that have a clear message and appealing personalities. You need to find your way to stand out among others.

Building your content theme and personality around a specific area of interest shows consistency and authority. This allows you to build a loyal audience and allows brands to recognize your brand identity.

It’s important to have consistent and clear branding and messaging across all of your social accounts, website, and other marketing channels.

You also want to make sure to audit your Instagram so that the look and flow in your Instagram feed are cohesive and that it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Your Instagram bio needs to be optimized to look professional and make a great first impression.

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  • Create Quality Content

Influencers often struggle with the choice between quality and quantity on Instagram.

The truth is, you need a good quantity of quality content. It doesn’t matter if your account has a lot of followers if you have low-quality content and a low engagement rate. Brands are looking for influencers that have an engaged audience. If companies and brands don’t see a high engagement rate for your content, they might not be interested to work with you. 

You have to constantly produce relevant quality content for the brand you want to pitch for. For example, if you’re looking to be a brand ambassador for a skincare brand, you might want to post pictures and videos that showcase this kind of products and activities.

  • Build Followers and Engagement

To become a successful brand ambassador on Instagram, you need to have an area of influence. This means you need an audience.

To get followers, you must connect with your target audience. And this starts with engagement. Start building a relationship with your followers. Use polls, question boxes, and answer to comments and DM’s.

Engaged and loyal followers are the biggest ambassadors for your brand and can be the most important piece in building social influence. Growing an engaged audience is vital to create brand ambassador opportunities.

  • Act Professional

When it comes to collaborations, you need to have a professional approach. You should never be impolite to your followers of the brand you’re trying to work with.

Your account should represent you and the values you hold. Prepare your Instagram feed in a way that represents your brand and your values. Basically, get your account ready for presentation.

 Many brands are looking for influencers. To become an ambassador you need to learn how to find brands to work with and how to pitch brands on Instagram.

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Brands looking for ambassadors on instagram

So now to how to find brands to work with on Instagram?

  • Search on Instagram and Google

Start by searching for your favorite brands on Instagram and send them an e-mail. Also, make a quick Google search such as “skincare brands looking for ambassadors”. Reaching out to businesses you love will lead to more successful collaborations, and chances are, they’ll be thrilled to have the exposure. 

  • Look Out For Brand Ambassadorship Applications

A lot of brands create an application process and post it on their social media channels to let their followers know that they are searching for brand ambassadors.

  • Search For Hashtags

To find more brands you can search relevant hashtags on Instagram within your niche. Most brands on Instagram use hashtags to reach more people.

  • Influencer Networks

Influencer networks are a great place to connect with brands looking for ambassadors. You’ll be able to get paired with brands to get free products and/or paid collaborations.

  • Check Your Competitors

Don’t forget to check out your competitors within your niche. What brands are they working with?

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How to pitch yourself to brands

Now you might be wondering how you should pitching brands as an influencer.

Create a Media Kit

First off I think it’s really important these days to have a professional-looking media kit prepared to send to the brand you want to pitch.

An awesome media kit will definitely make you stand out among your competitors.

To fill in a media kit is important that you know your engagement rate, conversion rate, analytics, and how much influence you actually have.

Try to have all of your stats tracked and recorded so that when brands ask for proof, you’ve got it on hand.

It’s also important to know exactly who your target audience is. Knowing the demographic of your audience, where they’re from, age, gender, and what they’re interested in, can help you when proving your value to brands. Brands work with influencers to reach their target demographic.

So once you have collected all the information about your stats, analytics, and target audience you should definitely use that in your media kit to make the brand trust in working with you.

Pick Relevant Brands to Pitch

So the company you pitch should be relevant to your personal brand, be something you’re passionate about, and preferably even a product that you already use and love.

You should also have the same target audience as the brand, have an aesthetic and a tone of voice and identity that could be compatible with theirs.

You should also be confident that you can create great content for them to spread on social media.

Basically, this brand should be able to easily visualize you to be their perfect match and your content fitting well with their brand. 

Also, make sure you’re following the brand on all social media channels before reaching out, they will check this.

Make Research About the Brands

You need to make some research about the brands before reaching out to them. It’s important to learn how you should position yourself. Who is their target audience, what are their customers interested in? where is their audience located, What are the brand’s key messages and goals?

Once you figure out what you have in common or where you can really add value to their brand, mention that in your pitch.

In your pitch, tell the team why you love the brand, what you have in common in your messaging and goals and what your audience loves and engages with.

Try to point out how you can help the company get the results they are looking for. Then they will know that you understand their brand message and it will make them confident in working with you. They will be more likely to trust that you can deliver their messaging in a way to get the results they want (and need).

Make it clear that you’ll be tracking the success of your campaign, and providing them with the stats in a report after your work is completed.

Know Your Value

Another really important step in learning how to pitch brands as an influencer is knowing and understanding your value. 

The most important thing is not how many followers you have, it’s about communicating to brands that your followers are engaged and take action.

If you don’t have a lot of followers, you can include testimonials in your pitch. What are people saying to you in DM’s, emails, and comments?

Save all of the nice emails, DM’s, and comments you receive along the way to make sure you have them if you need them in the future.

Get Creative On What You Offer The Brand

There is no one-way strategy to pitching and it’s always important to point out your uniqueness and your strengths so you can really stand out of the crowd.

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If you’re a skilled photographer show them your portfolio and offer to share high-quality pictures of their products that they can use beyond your partnership. Sometimes brands will pay you to promote their product in a post but also purchase a few of the images you shot to use on their social media accounts.

If you’re a great copywriter and content creator, offer to write a blog post that they can use in a future campaign.

If you are great at video content, share an IGTV, Reels, or Instagram Live of you using their product.

The secret to success is being able to think outside the box and promote yourself in a way that appeals to the brand and ultimately makes them want to work with you instead of someone else. A key factor in becoming successful in this industry is getting creative!

The options are endless so always try to come up with creative ideas on how you can collaborate to help the brand spread their message and achieve their goals.


We hope you found these pitching tips for brand ambassador Instagram helpful 🙂

Good luck finding brand collaborations on Instagram and remember to know and charge your value.

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