Action blocked on Instagram – Why and How to Fix it

Action blocked on Instagram – an issue everyone wants to avoid, especially as a business owner.

Why are my actions blocked on Instagram?

You might wonder, why is my action blocked on Instagram and how do I fix it? In this article, you’ll get all the answers.

What does action blocked mean?

If you get action blocked on Instagram this means you can’t engage with your audience. You will be restricted from performing basic tasks like commenting and liking.

Action blocked message

This is how the error text messages can look like when you are getting action blocked on Instagram.

Instagram action blocked message error
Instagram action blocked message

How long does an action block last?

Is action blocked on Instagram permanent? No, Instagram action blocks are temporary and not permanent. The action block can last anywhere from a day to over a week. In some cases, it can last up to two-three weeks. Most often, they disappear within 48 hours or after taking certain actions.

Why are my actions blocked on Instagram?

If you have violated the system of Instagram and not been following their user guidelines you can get action blocked.

The most common reasons why you get action blocked on Instagram

1. Start slow when you are new

Avoid following to many people and liking and commenting on to many posts when you’re new on Instagram. The younger your account is, the more strict limits it has. You should carefuly and gradually increase the number of actions.

2. Follow the Instagram action limits.

Engage with other accounts but try not to do it excessively.

3. Avoid the follow/unfollow method

Don’t try this spammy behaviour to get more followers. Instagram will flag your account as a bot.

4. Don’t use third party auto liking tools

Auto liking or following tools are not allowed to use under any circumstances.

5. Avoid to log in with different devices

Don’t log in with many various IP adresses or devices. If you do this you have to set up the two-factor authentication to be able to confirm that you are the authentic owner of the account.

6. Avoid to spam in comments and DM:s.

Avoid promoting your Instagram page or your products/services in comments and DMs. No one likes spammy behavior, and Instagram is not an exception.

7. Don’t ignore Instagram’s rules

Ignoring Instagram’s user guidelines can get you blocked

8. Avoid using banned hashtags

Using banned hashtags can get your account action blocked.

9. Don’t misbehave or post banned content.

Misbehaviour or posting prohibited or offensive content can get you blocked.

10. Avoid engagement groups in DM:s.

Don’t join engagement groups and send links to each other about your new posts in DMs. The algorithm will notice this and increase your reach and might block all members. If you still join engagement groups in 2020, you should stop immediately.

11. Don’t post copy infringement

Copyright Infringement on Instagram should be avoided. All images or videos posted on your account have to either be yours or approved by the owner. If you want to share content from others, then you need to ask for permission, tag the user, and give credit in the caption.

How to remove action blocked on Instagram

If you get action blocked on Instagram and want to know how to fix it, we have some tips for you.

1. Reinstall your Instagram app.

Try to delete your Instagram app and reinstall it. This will remove, the cookies and other data collected by Instagram and can help to get rid of the action block.

2. Report a problem.

Primarily, if you did nothing wrong. When the ‘action blocked’ error message shows up, you have two options: Tell us and Ignore. To request a manual review by Instagram, tap the Tell us button.

But some types of error messages have no other option than OK. In this casewe recommend doing the following: tap Settings, then Help, then Report a Problem. Write in the text box that you’ve been blocked for some reason, but you haven’t done anything wrong (try it even if you have done). This action will prove to Instagram that you’re not an automated bot.

3. Complete your profile.

Complete your Instagram profile by writing an informative bio and uploading a clear profile picture. This will prove to Instagram that your profile is authentic and not a bot.

Check out our free Instagram Bio Checklist to make sure you’re not missing any important parts.

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    4. Switch to mobile data.

    Your IP address might be the reason for your action block. Instagram can sometimes block accounts at the stage of creating ones if they don’t like the IP address. So after you see any errors, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data.

    5. Link your Instagram account to Facebook.

    If your account is not linked to Facebook and it has been action blocked, link it to your Facebook page.

    This will prove to Instagram that you’re not a bot. Moreover, you can link your Instagram page to other socials to make it even better.

    6. Log in with another device

    Try using another device when you log in to Instagram. Change to another phone, tablet, or computer.

    7. Wait it out for 24–48 hours.

    All of the above-mentioned actions may or may not help. If none of the above work for you to fix the Instagram action block, wait it out for 24-48 hours and stop all your actions. Your block will then shortly disappear. Don’t use Instagram or any third-party tool during this time.

    Have you ever been action blocked? Let us know the result if you try any of these tips to fix an action block.

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